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“I SHALL NOT CONTINUE LIKE THIS” (3 Days Prevailing Prayer Program)

Please note that there will be a fasting program up till 3pm each day 
Join the Prayer Conference by 11pm EST everyday (for the 3 days)
Endeavour to bring your prayer requests and a bottle of water to the Prayer Conference
Song: The blood of Jesus set me free
Matthew 26:42
My father let your will for me on this earth be established in my life this year
Joshua 10:11-14.
Whatsoever you need to stop for my life to move forward on this earth; O Lord stop them today
Exodus 33:18
On this earth; O Lord show me your glory
Acts 4:29-31
Lord let my life be swimming in the ocean of  blessings /power /miracles so that I can speak with boldness
Judges 15:18
Lord Jesus in the presence of my enemies; arise and quench my thirst
2 kings 6:17
Lord open my eyes to see the gates of my breakthrough
1st Samuel 12:17-18
Lord send  the rain of blessings to me and the thunder of destruction to my enemies
Judges 16:28
The sun of my life; come out one more time  on this earth
Genesis 32:24-28
As many as you have assigned to change my life for good; My father, My father, link them up with me now
Numbers 16:29
Earth open now and swallow every problem in any area of my life